The Yingrui million Kay forest The Springs Hotel
The Yingrui million Kay forest The Springs Hotel
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 Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, Mangshan National Forest Park Mangshan Forest Yingrui million Kay The Springs Hotel is located in known as "the first original ecological mountain" and "second Xishuangbanna" reputation, the hotel has 385 guest rooms; the hotel is five star hotel in strict accordance with international standards for the construction, in which the Chinese elements of the art building style and high-grade decoration and become an independent school. The hotel has 385 guest rooms; to accommodate 1500 people dining in the restaurant; luxurious banquet hall; the unique flavor of the restaurant and exotic restaurants; in addition to large indoor and outdoor hot springs; traffic is very convenient and quick. The hotel is entertainment, health, culture, leisure, tourism, vacation, tourism, business and other functions one of the platinum five star resort The Springs Hotel. Hotel forest coverage rate reached 99%, the natural ecological environment based on "big beautiful and strong the" hot spring culture, for people in the city, the sleepy tense life to create a peaceful, harmonious and beautiful harbor, the real return to nature, in the nature of the fun of life.
Hotel Address: Yizhang Mangshan National Forest Park scenic area (general village, Lin Zehu adjacent attractions)

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