Depth good text! The principle of innovation
Depth good text! The principle of innovation
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Depth good text! The principle of innovation

Now is a time of competition, whether business or business managers, only continuous innovation, in the fierce competition in an invincible position. Innovation is the fresh blood with oxygen, the soul and life of the organization. But what is innovation? What are the characteristics of innovation?

Contemporary well-known management master Peter Drucker that innovation is the entrepreneurial spirit of the special means, innovation is to change the output of resources; innovation is not necessarily technical, and even can not be a real "things". In the book "Innovation and Entrepreneurship", he analyzes the principles of innovation. Including five "do" - that must be done; three "can not do" - as far as possible to avoid doing things; three "conditions".

Five "do"

1, purposeful, systematic innovation from the analysis of the opportunity to proceed;

2, innovation is the concept of perception. So innovation to go out to see more, ask, listen;

3, innovation to be effective must be simple and specific;

4, effective innovation is starting from the inconspicuous. Innovation is not ambitious, just trying to do something different;

5, the success of innovation is the leading position. If you do not start to focus on leadership, it is impossible to have enough sense of innovation, it is impossible to make a contribution.

Three "can not do"

1, do not be too clever. If the innovation wants to get the scale and important position, must be able to operate by ordinary people;

2, do not too many tricks, do not distracted, do not do too many things;

3, do not innovate for the future.

Three "conditions"

1, innovation is work. Innovation requires knowledge and ingenuity;

2, in order to succeed, innovators must be based on their long term;

3, innovation is the dual effect of economic and social effects. Innovation must be closely linked to the market, focused on the market, and driven by the market.

Comprehensive understanding of all aspects of innovation, personally think that business management innovation from the following aspects to be grasped:

1,management innovation is a kind of initiative to create behavior. Innovation means taking the initiative to identify things that are "innovative tendencies" and are committed to making changes. No active pay and input, the results of innovation can not be produced.

2, management innovation means choice and opportunity. There are many opportunities for innovation, both external opportunities and internal opportunities. The process of innovation is also a process of choice, it is necessary to choose the field of innovation, but also choose the innovative ways and methods.

3, management innovation is a system. Management of the various factors are closely related, so innovation is a whole, independent departments or individual innovation will suffer strong resistance.

4, management innovation is a level. In the management of different levels, the level of innovation is not the same. The innovation of senior managers focuses on the strategy, the middle managers' innovation focuses on the system, and the innovation of the grassroots managers may focus on service and motivation. No matter what level of innovation, are the inevitable requirements of management innovation;

5, management innovation both progressive innovation, but also a thorough innovation. Making a local change on the basis of existing procedures or systems is an innovation, and it is also an innovation to replace the original procedure or system with a new procedure or a new system.

6, management innovation must always be market-centric. If the enterprise innovation to product as the center, it is likely to produce some "technical miracle", and the return is disappointing, this innovation will not last. And if the consumer or customer needs as a starting point for change and innovation, it will be very helpful to the organization of innovation work.

7, management innovation to people-oriented. Innovation must be supported and actively involved, otherwise innovation can not succeed.

Innovation is different from invention. Invention is through the test, to promote new ideas, new ideas or new technology, it is a technology behavior. The essence of innovation is an economic concept, it is the new concept, new ideas or new technologies into economic success. Innovation has the following basic characteristics:

1, novelty

Innovation is not imitation, reengineering, therefore, novelty is the primary feature of innovation. Specifically, the novelty also includes three levels: one is the world novelty or absolute novelty; the second is the local novelty; three is the subjective novelty, that is only the creator of the individual is unprecedented.

2, high value

Innovation can reorganize production factors, thereby changing resource output and improving organizational value. For enterprises, innovation is the most important and most basic part of the profits, and only innovative profits can reflect the individuality of the enterprise.

3, purpose

Innovation emphasizes the benefits of the generation, it is not only to know "what", "why", but also know "what use, how can we produce benefits." Therefore, innovation is a process of creating wealth and generating benefits.

4, the risk of

Innovation may succeed, it may fail, this uncertainty constitutes a risk of innovation. Therefore, in the process of innovation, only the success of the request, not allowed to fail, in fact, is unrealistic. Only through the scientific design and strict implementation, to minimize the risk of innovation.

5, dynamic

Innovation is a dynamic process. In the knowledge economy conditions, the only change is that everything is changing, and change faster and faster. Therefore, any innovation can not be once and for all, and only constant change and innovation in order to adapt to the requirements of the times.

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