The hotel also play high-tech: these intelligent services you made?
The hotel also play high-tech: these intelligent services you made?
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The competition in the hotel industry is very fierce today. In order to attract customers, many hotels begin to incorporate the latest technology into their services. This is undoubtedly very beneficial to the lovers of science and technology. Technology website VentureBeat day before the inventory of the high-tech services provided by the hotel.
A.L.O is a hotel in the vicinity of the apple headquarters, where a group of employees is very special, that is used to provide room service Botlr robot, called ". The robot wears a butler uniform and has about 56 litres of storage space inside. As long as the guests press the button, it can bring toothbrush, snacks and chargers and other items.
The robot uses sensors to locate rooms and people. It can be called "elevator" through Wi-Fi, and when it arrives at the entrance of the guest's room, it will use the mobile phone system to remind and show the guests what they need.
Upon completion, guests can rate the service of the robot. If the guest gets full marks, he will jump on a celebratory dance.

Yotel, a hotel in New York, uses robot concierge to store the luggage, if the guest's room is not available, or when checking out, he wants to find a place to carry his luggage. Yotel's robot, named YOBOT, will move behind a huge glass panel, allowing guests to see its movements at a glance. When you need to deposit your luggage, the guest can enter the number and size of the suitcase through the touch screen, and YOBOT will store it later and provide a voucher for holding the barcode.
Infrared scanner
One of the most complaints about guests staying at hotels is the interruptions caused by cleaning services. In order to solve this problem, the hotel usually asks the cleaner to knock at the door and wait for 10 seconds to enter (no answer), or let the guest choose the hang tag at the door to avoid being disturbed. And Seattle's Hotel1000 chose an innovative approach. Every guest room in this hotel has infrared sensors, which can detect the heat of human body. As a result, the cleaner can see through the door indicator whether someone is in the room.

Security has always been a concern for hotels and guests. At present, many hotels have abandoned the key and room card, instead choose the keyless entry system, which aims to bring greater convenience and security for guests.
Some hotels now offer guests key chains or wristbands with built-in RFID chips to replace door keys and wallets. RFID technology can bring more customization experience to guests. For example, when a guest enters the elevator, the elevator will immediately know the floor where he / she lives, and press the floor button directly for the guest.
Other hotels have brought the keyless entry system to a new level. Alma hotels in Barcelona are using fingerprint activated room into the system, Boston's 90 Kimpton Hotel is the use of retinal scanning equipment, to provide higher levels of accuracy and safety than fingerprint.
Personalized service
If the robot and retinal scanning is not enough for you, then you can also try a variety of high-tech personalized service in the hotel, including room will use your name to greet you, personalized mood setting, even intelligent toilet can heating, deodorization and motion detection cover.

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