China's first Sheraton Hotel is leaving the embrace of Marriott
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 The long - standing Sheraton, even though there are plenty of rumors in the hotel circle, still can not reduce its status in the Chinese Hotel industry.

Speaking of an international five star hotel, the name "Sheraton" must have been mentioned first in the top three. Enter China 32 years, deep plowing in every corner of the Chinese earth, West to Urumqi, North Harbin, South to Sanya, you can see its name. In the capital Beijing, the first international brand hotel in Chinese, first introduced the concept of international brand five star hotel - Beijing the Great Wall Sheraton Hotel, opened in 1985, opened the "Sheraton" into the China prelude. This year, even earlier than the well-known Starwood Starwood capital group, was established in 1991. Even if later, Starwood acquired the Sheraton, but enough to see the the Great Wall hotel has a long history!

According to the official website of the hotel on the latest news, June 30, 2017, Sheraton Beijing the Great Wall hotel will leave the Marriott International Group's embrace. In the thirty-fourth year of the opening of the hotel (the Great Wall hotel opened in June 1983 and joined Sheraton in 1985), the Great Wall hotel will usher in a new development. At present, this year all scheduled channels since July 1st have been suspended, according to reliable sources, the hotel has started second rooms (2001 revision of the part of the hotel had a revision), the follow-up, the manner in which the hotel business, there is no more news.

Even around the historic Sheraton, there are a lot of rumors in the hotel circle, but still can not reduce its status in the Chinese Hotel industry. A "World Hotel Whampoa  military academy" the reputation of the hotel, not only is the preferred place to stay so many celebrities, but also cultivate the Chinese hotel industry's first batch of management personnel, out of the Great Wall from the hotel by the hotel management personnel, has now become the China hotel management team. Speaking of famous politicians, I must mention that in 1985, when U.S. President Reagan, along with his wife to stay at the Great Wall Hotel, that "we are now the last activity in China Beijing the Great Wall Hotel on President Reagan's visit to China has been translated into different languages, so the name" the Great Wall Hotel "again and again through the radio to the world.


In the five star hotel with 827 rooms (98 of which are suites), more than 90% of the guests who had been in and out were high noses and blue eyed foreigners. And now, although these are no longer unusual, but because of its superior housing prices, but also for SPG platinum membership membership generous upgrade, still become a lot of pursuit of cost-effective guests stay in Beijing's first choice. Especially in the Una Century Hotel after the renovation, although the distance from the El Luxor Hotel is still a gap, but the bed room products and daily necessities of color and quality assurance, service details, old Sheraton hotel restaurant meals supply quality are the key for winning it.

Needless to say, whether it is used in 80s to fame Beijing's highest revolving restaurant, still have beautiful Chinese interior atrium courtyard of the silk road is a 21 floor restaurant, or by admirable executive chef Tian Tyumen restaurant provides a series of PTZ command delicious Cantonese cuisine and Sichuan cuisine, is the hotel and catering industry benchmarking. In the future, the Great Wall hotel is also expected to make a difference in the quality of food and beverage.





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