The largest Suofeite Hotel in the Middle East opens in 2019
The largest Suofeite Hotel in the Middle East opens in 2019
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 The hotel will provide 501 deluxe rooms, 10 conference rooms and 1115 square meters banquet room, dining facilities, SoSpa, comprehensive gymnasium, outdoor swimming pool, children's recreation center and so on.

Sofit announced the signing of MKM Commercial Holdings LLC, the development partner, to open the largest Suofeite Hotel project in the middle east. Dubai Wafi Suofeite Hotel is scheduled to open in early 2019, the luxury brand expansion in the Middle East hotel network, the local market a total of 14 has been opened and the construction of the hotel, the room number 4400.
Accor Middle East luxury brand coo Sami Nasser said: "we are very honored to be able to long-term cooperation with our partners in the MKM Commercial Holdings to develop the high-profile project, the project will become the future of the region in the Sofit Hotel Admiral Hotel. The development of this project is in line with our strategy to become a leading luxury brand in the Middle East region." He added, "we have established a solid network of hotels in the UAE, the coast of Abu Dhabi Avenue, downtown Dubai, Zhu Mei The Palm islands, Zhu Mei beach residential landmark location has four operating hotels, is now in the shopping center Wafi the retail and leisure complex opened a new hotel."
Dubai Wafi Suofeite Hotel will provide 501 deluxe rooms, including 86 suites, with rooms ranging from 55 square meters to 625 square meters. In addition, the studio, single rooms, double rooms, and three room service apartments have 97, will be operated in a residential mode. Dubai Wafi Suofeite Hotel will launch a variety of dining concept, including Asian restaurants, bars, delicacy destination restaurant, hotel 43 layers and 44 layers with bars, French lobby cafe, restaurant and pool bar. Guests can choose to relax at SoSpa, or choose a comprehensive gym, an outdoor swimming pool, a private cabin, and a children's recreation center. The hotel offers 10 conference rooms and 1115 square meter banquet rooms for business travelers.
Dubai Wafi Suofeite Hotel next to the Wafi shopping center, to the center of Dubai, Business, Bay and Dubai International Airport is very convenient. Starting from the hotel, enterprise customers easily reach Dubai international financial center, Dubai health city, Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center, and other major commercial exhibition center. The hotel will form a luxury brand hotel cluster with the adjacent Raffles Dubai Hotel, providing guests with a wide range of shared facilities and services.
MKM Commercial Holdings chairman H.H. Sheikh Manna Bin Khalifa Al Maktoum said: "we are very pleased with the trusted partner Accor Hotels Group on the Dubai Wafi Suofeite Hotel project signed an agreement. We believe that Sofit, by virtue of its excellent brand positioning and brand specialized in El Luxor Hotel, will complement our existing Raffles Dubai Hotel, while enhancing the Wafi shopping center expansion after take on an altogether new aspect to show the unique advantages of hospitality."
The Sofit brand presents a unique style of El Luxor Hotel, which combines French origin elegance, flexibility and hospitality, a unique combination of art with outstanding local culture. Dubai Wafi Suofeite Hotel will Sofit brand core into Arabia culture, set off to highlight the design elements of Wafi. The next few years, Sofit will also open a new project more impressive, including the Kuala Lumpur white Sara Suofeite Hotel, Suofeite Hotel, Sydney downtown Singapore Sydney Mexico City Suofeite Hotel and Suofeite Hotel Reforma darling harbour.
"Dubai Wafi Suofeite Hotel" represents the long term commitment of Accor in the El Luxor Hotel area, and has steadily increased its market share in El Luxor Hotel through our landmark design and quality first concept. Sofit in the middle east the main destination with many hotels, including the Gabriel Sophie Te Hotel, Suofeite Hotel, Cairo Binhai Road Jeddah Nile Earl gates cable Fitow Hotel and Bahrain Sarah Sofit Ocean Spa Hotel. By building the largest Suofeite Hotel in the region, we hope to strengthen the Accor El Luxor Hotel brand and our position as a leading El Luxor Hotel operator." Nasser concludes.
Accor Hotels Group currently operates 39 hotels and 23 projects under construction in the United Arab emirates. In the Middle East and Egypt, Accor operates a total of 95 hotels, with 28800 rooms and a luxury to economical hotel market. In the future, Accor is expected to double the number of hotels in the region, adding more than 25000 rooms and nearly 2400 brand apartments to the middle east.

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