238 billion big overseas Chinese cities to build a new high Xi'an cultural tourism new heights
238 billion big overseas Chinese cities to build a new high Xi
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 In June 19th, the signing ceremony of the comprehensive strategic cooperation between the Overseas Chinese Town Group Co and the Xi'an Municipal People's government was held in Shenzhen. Overseas Chinese Town Group Co and the Xi'an Municipal People's government signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with the Xi'an city Qujiang District Management Committee, the Xi'an municipal SASAC signed a platform for investment and cooperation projects, "Silk Road culture" project strategic cooperation agreement.

Overseas Chinese town west Investment Co. Ltd and West Ham District East of Newcastle CMC and other five units signed a strategic cooperation agreement five Feng East overseas Chinese town of large-scale cultural tourism integrated projects, projects, ecological tourism resort city of Qinling Mountains overseas Chinese National Overseas Chinese town Xingqing City Cultural Palace of the living room, Seoul overseas Chinese town comprehensive project Weiyang Lake theme comprehensive cultural projects, overseas Chinese Town North Gate City Lianhu update integrated project.

The overall strategic cooperation is expected to total investment of about 238 billion yuan. The leaders of Shaanxi, Xi'an and Overseas Chinese Town Group Co attended the signing ceremony and witnessed the historic moment of the great overseas Chinese city of Xi'an holding hands under the new strategy.

Through the signing of the contract, the overseas Chinese town group further consolidated its influence in the western region, and promoted the economic development by cultural tourism. It was a great undertaking for the great Xi'an as the leader of the northwest. On behalf of the cooperation with Xi'an is currently the OCT Group unswervingly implement the new strategy of innovation and development, accelerate the cultural tourism in Xi'an landing, has injected new impetus for enterprise strategic upgrading and sustainable development, not only closely fit the national strategy, but also to fulfill the responsibility of central enterprises in the national development.

OCT Group is a large central enterprises under the direct management of SASAC, was born in the forefront of reform and opening up of Shenzhen, under the growth in the fully competitive market environment, mainly engaged in the cultural industry, tourism industry, new urbanization, financial investment, electronic industry and other five industrial areas. Overseas Chinese town holding A, Konka Group, overseas Chinese town in Asia, Yunnan tourism, overseas Chinese city culture travel technology of 5 listed companies, is the first national cultural industry demonstration zone, consecutive years won the national top 30 cultural enterprises, ranked fourth in the same industry in the world for seven consecutive years, the first in asia




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